Following the massive success of recent DC Extended Universe release 'Wonder Woman', those who have worked on upcoming flick 'Justice League' will be hoping to capitalise on that wave of greatness with their own release in just over a month's time. Bringing Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash together on the big screen for the first time in live-action, cinematic history, there's a lot of expectation hanging on the shoulders of the movie.

Ray Fisher's Cyborg is said to be a big part of 'Justice League'Ray Fisher's Cyborg is said to be a big part of 'Justice League'

The lead-up to the film's release has of course seen a heap of information and teases released to hype up prospective viewers, and now Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has been opening up a little about why his superhero character, also known as Victor Stone, will be close friends with Barry Allen (Ezra Miller), aka The Flash.

In a new interview with Geek Magazine, Fisher explained why Victor and Barry get along so well: "Barry has undergone a traumatic accident and that turned him into the Flash, which is something that bonds the two of these guys. I hope we get to touch on that. In the future, the fact that the accident that took Victor’s body is basically the precursor to him getting his powers. And the accident that turned Barry into the Flash are two separate, but very similar events that happened to these guys.

"And both of them deal with their accidents in different ways. Victor’s is very much on the outside, and Barry’s is on the level of the Speed Force. He doesn’t completely understand that either. So somebody having an external struggle and somebody struggling with the internal struggle of it, ‘Any moment, this mysterious force could rip my body into a million pieces’... That's interesting."

Fans of DC Television will be familiar with Barry Allen's story if they've been watching his solo series 'The Flash', which spawned thanks to the success of 'Arrow'. In that, we saw a particle accelerator experiment go wrong, embedding multiple humans with powers and turning them into metahumans. Barry came up trumps when it came to being given powers, taking on the mantle of (one of) the fastest men alive, and putting his new abilities to use for the greater good.

Victor Stone meanwhile is somebody who was 'saved' by his father, thanks to a series of experiments that turned him into a machine-human hybrid. Without his father's intelligence and hard work, Victor would have died, and whilst having his life given back to him could be seen as a blessing, it's still a hard new life for him to lead.

We will of course see more of the two characters and their respective stories in their planned solo ventures in the coming years, but for now, we'll have to make do with their role in 'Justice League'.

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'Justice League' comes to cinemas across the UK on November 17.