Ray Davies claims to be Damon Albarn when people recognise him in the street.

The Kinks singer and guitarist tries to fool people into thinking he is actually the singer from Blur - whom he is over twenty years older than and bears little resemblance to - in order to deliberately confuse them.

When asked if he is approached often, he said: ''Usually, on The Days when I don't want anyone to see me. People say, 'Who are you?' they know me but they don't know my name. I tell them I'm Damon Albarn and put on a cockney accent.''

Ray, 68, also said he has little care for the records Damon makes with Blur and his many other projects - which include Gorillaz and The Good, the Bad and the Queen - as he doesn't see them as being about ordinary people in the same way his own work is.

Talking about The Kinks 1978 album, 'Misfits', he added to Q magazine: ''I don't care about what Damon does, I care about real people. 'Misfits' is about a friend of mine who passed away recently. I'm just trying to celebrate people like that.''