Pandit Ravi Shankar, the virtuoso sitar player, who inspired the 60s psychedelic movement through his collaboration with the Beatles, has passed away at age 92. He was in his San Diego home at the time, where he was recovering from surgery. His wife Sukanya and daughter Anushka explained that he was too frail to endure the heavy surgery and following recovery period.

“We know that you all feel our loss with us, and we thank you for all of your prayers and good wishes through this difficult time. Although it is a time for sorrow and sadness, it is also a time for all of us to give thanks and to be grateful that we were able to have him as a part of our lives. His spirit and his legacy will live on forever in our hearts and in his music,” the two commented in a joint statement for the press. Despite his age, Shankar had continued to perform almost to the very end. He was occasionally joined by Anushka, who is a sitar virtuoso herself. Pandit Shankar’s passing is mourned by musicians and fans across the world.

The Indian prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, said in his speech about Shankar: “The nation joins me to pay tributes to his unsurpassable genius, his art and his humility” The late citar master has had a huge impact on the musical scene, through introducing Indian classical music to the West. His contributions have not been forgotten to this day and his memory will be celebrated in India and across the world.