Rashida Jones has confirmed she and Ezra Koenig are not married.

The 48-year-old actress has been in a relationship with the Vampire Weekend frontman - with whom she has six-year-old son Isaiah - since 2016 and though they often refer to one another as husband and wife, they've never officially tied the knot, but she expects they will eventually.

Rashida - who is the daughter of producer Quincy Jones and late model Peggy Lipton - told The New Yorker: "We’re not married. We just kind of call each other that. But we are what we are, in the eyes of God!

"My parents only got married when my dad had his first brain aneurysm and my sister was six months old, because of rights stuff.

“I’m sure we’ll get married at some point, but we basically are."

The 'Sunny' star is "extremely proud" of 40-year-old Ezra's career but insisted she's "too old" to be a typical rock star girlfriend.

She said: "Like, vintage fur coats and bus life? No. Too old for bus life. But I’m extremely proud.

"He takes a very long time to make his albums, which is so lucky for me, because it means he’s home a lot of the time. This is our second tour cycle really, so we’ll see how far I go with rock wife."

Rashida has learned a lot from her own upbringing about how she wants to raise her son in order to be his "own person".

She said: "My parents did a great job. People say, 'Oh, you’re so normal, considering the circumstances of how you grew up.'

"And that’s because they prioritised the right things.

"We weren’t overly spoiled, indulged, coddled. They were super loving.

"We travelled a ton, and that’s something I want to give my son.

"I want him to feel like he’s his own person. My parents were very encouraging about that.

"My dad wanted me to have my own life and career and not to live in his shadow. He’s got a big, big, big shadow.

"But he managed to give me the space and the love to be my own person. And that’s why I was able to do it."