Rashida Jones promised fans there was going to be "a lot of crying (on and off screen) during tonight's Parks and Recreation." And the episode certainly delivered!

Rashida JonesRashida Jones tweeted about the emotional episode. 

Fans of the show have known about the inevitable goodbye scenes since July of last year but, for those who love Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe's characters, Ann and Chris, yesterday's (20th January) episode was still heart rending. 

Jones and Lowe decided, supported by the cast and crew, that it was time for them to leave and move on from the show. Jones has been in the show since the first season whilst Lowe joined the crew in season 2. Although both actors started off as guest stars, they have quickly become amongst the best loved characters on the show. 

So here's quick run-down of Lowe and Jones' last Park and Recreations episode. Amy Poehler's Leslie relived, in a short clip, the first time she met Ann and the pinky promise which started it all off. Leslie throws Ann an over the top going away party (but would you have it any ther way?) and there's bitter sweet moments all round. 

But it wasn't the female friendships which caused the most tear but the chemistry between Chris and his male friends and co-workers. Chris created a memento box for each of his friends each with a special reminded of their friendships. When the moment of goodbye finally comes, Chris promises "we'll always be great friends" to all the men in the department. 

For more details - there are so many to spot and reminisce over throughout this episode- make sure you catch up on NBC's Parks and Recreations Season 6, Episode 13. 

Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe has also left the show.