Country group Rascal Flatts are in the middle of a new video controversy after becoming the first act to appear in nude scenes in a promo.

The group's hunky singer JON DON ROONEY appears naked from the rear in one scene and seductive model CHRISTINA AURIA bares all in a shower in the saucy video for I MELT.

The promo, which also features the pair making love in bed, has been banned by some American country TV networks, but leading country music cable channel CMT have embraced it making it the first video showing nudity they've aired.

CMT boss CHRIS PARR insists the video is appropriate because I Melt is "a sensual song," but he admits the cable channel's website has been inundated with those who approve and disapprove of the promo.

Bosses at rival network GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY have opted to axe the video completely, after Rascal Flatts refused to edit it for them.

President JEFF WAYNE says, "If there's a family, a mother and a couple of young kids, sitting around watching a video and out comes some nudity, I just don't feel that's appropriate."

15/07/2003 08:55