Movie sex symbol Raquel Welch has broken Hollywood's golden sun-tanning rule by urging women to embrace bronzing.
The One Million Years B.C. star is famous for her sun-kissed complexion and she insists a few rays on the beach are good for you.
While many stars opt for fake tans and warn of skin damage from too much sunshine, Welch says, "When you have Latina blood you don't burn like white people, so to speak."
The actress admits her Bolivian father was "very sensitive" when it came to protecting his daughter from too much sun, insisting she wear a hat at the beach, but Welch was too cool to pay attention.
She tells WENN, "I grew up in La Hoya and there were all these surfers and you didn't wear hats to the beach. After high school I would slather the moisturiser on."
Nowadays she takes more precautions: "I wear a huge Greta Garbo hat just to go out for a walk, but I still go and bake on my holidays near the sea and I lie out in the sun. I think we should all spend some time in the sunshine. There's a lot of Vitamin D and it makes you feel good."
And she urges Hollywood's modern beauties to stop worrying about how the sun will prematurely age them: "You've got to live your life and not worry about how you're going to age. It's just too much."