Review of College Boy Single by Raque'lle

In this day and age of electro pop disguised as R&B it's really refreshing to get a real R&B track through. This immensely talented young woman delivers a vocal performance that makes hairs stand up on the back of the neck. It's the kind of track that makes you realise just how much we miss an artist like Aaliyah today. College Boy has it all its sultry, seductive, smouldering vocals over the keyboard, snare and handclap back beat. Lyrically it's strong, clever and will connect with the single buying market, but has enough substance to keep the album buying market happy too. This being Raqu'elle's first outing I can't wait to hear more and hope beyond all hope that an album will follow because the world of R&B needs an act like this to shake things up. Edgy, classy, deep, original and strong are all good qualities that are showcased on this debut offering from Raqu'elle.

Raque'lle College Boy Single


R&B Appeal 4/5 Crossover Appeal 3/5

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