Randy Jackson is facing a change of role on American Idol, reports Tmz. Jackson may stay on as a mentor, though.
A deal for Nicki Minaj to replace Jackson as a judge on American Idol is close to completion, according to reports. Sources close to the show are stating that despite Jackon's alleged unsuitability for the role of mentor, he holds the show together, and therefore must be kept on in some capacity. Jackson, the American bassist, singer, record producer, entrepreneur and television personality, is renown for his musical ability, and despite not releasing much of his own studio material, has worked with some of the biggest names in music, including Carlos Santana and Aretha Franklin. Jackson is yet to comment on his role shift on the show.
The deal to bring rapper Nicki Minaj onto the show as a judge may still face a snag, despite the advanced stages of negotiations. Mariah Carey, arguably the shows biggest star is reportedly unhappy with the choice of Minaj, but like most television shows, conflict between celebs would represent high viewing figures, so Mariah's concerns could be the very reason for Minaj's inclusion. Carey is said to be upset at the prospect of another big female star on the show, and has a history of diva-like tantrums. Previously mooted choices for the American talent show were rappers P-Diddy and Kanye West, but the pair are thought to be 100% uninterested in the role of judge. Taylor Swift is another name that's been thrown around.