Review of What You Need Album by Randa & The Soul Kingdom

Randa & The Soul Kingdom release their second album 'What You Need' on Freestyle Records. Hailing from Perth, Australia, they take on funk, soul, rare-groove with the all the enthusiasm of lovers of this sound. Certainly Randa Khamis, with her sexy, unique voice gives the album a gritty and Motown flavour. Their self-titled first album released in 2010, certainly turned many on to Randa & The Soul Kingdom.

Randa & The Soul Kingdom What You Need Album

If I was new to the sound of Motown or if I just came across this band live I'm sure I'd really dig them. That's because the sound of their second album is raw, got a lot of funk and Randa knows how to 'swing' the crowd. Her voice could easily appeal to many. The arrangement complements her and combine this with a band that sound like their having a good time, would certainly be a winner at a live show. The tracks throughout the album range from snippets of funk, soul and blues, mixed with a little 'Aussie' outdoors fun and we have a charming little album. Not bad.

Tareck Ghoneim

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