German rockers Rammstein were on the verge of splitting up while they were recording their new album - because the studio sessions caused so many fights.
The Du Hast hitmakers began work on their sixth studio album in 2007 and it has taken them nearly two years to complete the project.
Guitarist Richard Kruspe admits the work has not been easy and the band came close to calling it quits after a series of vicious arguments over the new tracks.
He tells Britain's Kerrang magazine, "This record was one of the biggest roller coasters of our lives. Many times we did not believe we'd be able to finish this record. There's always a lot of tension. Our chemistry is really destructive. There are a lot of fights, a lot of aggression and frustrations to make a record. In that situation it is frustrating and you don't want to deal with it. It's a tough thing. We are six people who have opinions on everything and each member thinks he knows everything."