Review of Rosenrot Album by Rammstein


The fifth studio album from Germany's most influential musical export since Kraftwerk. Infamous for their elaborate live pyro-technics and sexually charged performances, this industrial metal sextet, have gathered a huge and loyal following around the world. Rosenrot will not disappoint them. Its 11 tracks combine all the classic Rammstein sounds, with plenty of twists and turns to keep interest levels high. The album kicks off with the former single, Benzin. This is a satisfyingly heavy track, and has more of a groove than you might expect from the kings of industrial noise. There are some spooky, whining electronics going on, which lend a disturbingly gothic air to proceedings. Mann Gegen Mann continues the vibe with plenty of Nordic sounding chanting. Perhaps the first very typically Rammstein song is Rosenrot - the title track, which is packed with classic, dirty industrial grind. Stirb Nicht vor Mir chucks in a curved ball with guest vocals by Sharleen Spiteri of Texas. Not a combination that springs readily to mind, but the musical backdrop is more acoustic and guitar-based than most Rammstein songs, so Sharleen doesn't sound as out of place as she might do on a more full-on track. Zerstoren has plenty of throbbing, metal bass and is perhaps the most 'rocky' song of the collection. Its Arabic wailing vocal samples are inspired and lift the whole thing out of the realms of the ordinary.

Rammstein Rosenrot Album

The album closes with two more chilled and introspective tracks and a less industrial sound. It's good to ring the changes of course, but chilled is not what Rammstein do best. As ever with this band, whether you'll love it or hate it hangs upon whether that growling, Germanic vocal is to your taste. If you're new to Rammstein, this is a highly listenable collection, with plenty of variety and some hooky and memorable songs. If you already love them – go knock yourself out. One last word – the album artwork is stunning. Have a peep even if you hate the music!
Sharon Edge

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