Rag'n'Bone Man is the artist on everybody's lips at the moment and it's not just his awe-inspiring voice that's got him there; it's the authentic charm and humble talent that has drawn everyone to buy his number one debut album 'Human'. It's the fact that he's not perfect.

Rag'N'Bone ManRag'N'Bone Man admits he isn't perfect

When you look at Rag'N'Bone Man (real name Rory Graham) you see a big, bearded, tattooed Brit who looks more like a bouncer than a soul-singing sensation. But that's exactly what the music industry needs right now; someone to break away from the sparkling veil of classic fame.

'Artists are all supposed to be perfect', he explained in a video recently. 'They supposed to look a certain way, supposed to talk a certain way. You can't f*** up. Everything's supposed to be shiny and you're meant to have a six-pack, you're meant to be this thin but not everybody's like that. I haven't been through media training, I wasn't taught how to do all this stuff. I'm gonna f*** it up at some point. But as long as I know that, when I do it it won't be so bad.'

When you're entirely self-made like Rag'N'Bone Man, there's also no danger of manipulation from external producers and managers - at least, not when you're this attune to your own art. 'It's always important to be uncompromising', he insists. 'You don't want to make you art and look back on it and think: 'Someone told me I should make it like that'.'

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The singer won the Brits Critics' Choice Award earlier this year and is currently up for the Brits British Breakthrough Act alongside Anne-Marie, Blossoms, Skepta and Stormzy. His debut album 'Human' hit number one in the UK chart pon its release on February 10th, with the titular lead single also going Platinum in several countries.