The 38-year-old star of El Senor del los Cielos, in which he ironically plays a drug lord, was allegedly treated in the intensive care unit at Hospital Espanol in Mexico City early on 27 October (15) after suffering from tachycardia, an abnormally fast heart rate. Reports suggest he was also treated for possible drug intoxication.

Amaya hinted at his personal struggles on on Thursday (29Oct15), when he posted a message in Spanish, which roughly translates to, "Coming back from the dead."

He did not offer up any further information about his condition, and on Monday (02Nov15), his TV bosses at Spanish-language network Telemundo refused to speculate on the allegations about Amaya's personal life.

However, they told People En Espanol Amaya is "fine" and taking "a well-deserved vacation" after filming El Senor De Los Cielos for 11 months straight.

Production on the fourth season of the drug drama has reportedly been halted pending Amaya's return, according to The show is set to return next year (16).