We can't say we didn't see it coming; Radiohead now have what looks like the beginnings of a lawsuit on their hands after releasing their 'Burn The Witch' video featuring cute puppets, as the creators of 'Trumpton' have lashed out over the non-consented use of imagery similar to their own puppet world. 

RadioheadRadiohead in trouble with Trumpton creator

If Radiohead were a little more flattering in their use of the stop-motion imagery, it may have been forgiveable, but this is a song about witchhunts and the video is a little too sadistic to be approved for children. It follows a story similar to 'The Wicker Man' and alludes to execution and witchhunts throughout. It's a stark contrast to the idyllic original children's animation, that's for sure.

The family of Gordon Murray, who created the 60s 'Trumptonshire' trilogy and many other similar shows, have expressed that they are 'appalled' at Radiohead's take on the 'Trumpton' concept and insisted that it's 'not something we would have authorised'.

Watch the video for 'Burn The Witch' here:

'Radiohead should have sought our consent', Murray's son in law William Mollett told NME. 'We consider this a tarnishing of the brand... We consider that there is a breach of copyright and we are deciding what to do next.'

On the other hand, this may have been something Radiohead prepared for. It was their intention to highlight the seemingly innocent values held by the likes of Donald Trump and UKIP and turn them on their heads to show what such horrors lie behind these utopic fantasies. However, using copyright imagery to pass on such messages is not without its financial risks.

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Radiohead are setting out on tour this month having just released their ninth studio album 'A Moon Shaped Pool' on XL Recordings. 'Burn The Witch' is the first song on the record with the video having been directed by Chris Hopewell.