Review of Enemies like this Single by Radio 4

Radio 4
Enemies like this.
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Radio 4 Enemies like this Single

Brooklyn based band Radio Four sound, it must be said, like most other crappy indie rock bands that are surfing the 80's new wave movement at the moment, remind me of The Bravery, and that's a bad thing.

The singer yells in a self conscious Brandon Flowers manner, though far more annoying, and it has to be said I don't think this track is nearly as catchy as anything the former has produced. Radio Four have much more of a punk edge to their music than The Killers though, with very fast rhythmic drums and punchy guitar riffs. However, the track is too highly over produced and shiny for my liking, and I can't see the chorus being catchy enough to get drunk people in pubs singing along. But it may appeal to some.
All aboard the band wagon.