Rachel Zoe wants Duchess Catherine to wear a "tuxedo".

The celebrity stylist is a huge fan of the newest member of the British royal family - who along with her husband Prince William recently completed a tour of North America - and thinks she can look good in "everything".

She said: "I'd love to see her wear a very tailored tuxedo, like a beautiful, white tuxedo look or something would be really, really chic for her, but she's stunning and she looks good in everything."

"She's absolutely stunning. She's always smiling. She carries herself with such grace and elegance. And she's royalty. I think that for everybody out there right now, especially for the young people, it's like, she seems like this girl that you want to go sit down with and talk to and hang out with. And I think that her style just reflects a lot about who she is.

"And I think it's the ultimate dream and fairy tale for everyone, and just to watch it, and watch this young couple so in love, it's the dream, I think, for everybody."

Rachel admits she would love to have Catherine as one of her clients, but doesn't think the duchess needs any help with her fashion choices.

She told 'Good Morning America': "I mean she's flawless ... it's like she's this ... the most low maintenance person that I can imagine. I would love for her to be my client but clearly she doesn't need a stylist she's just flawless."

Catherine has been comfortable appearing in public wearing the same outfits more than once, and Rachel believes it makes her more "approachable".

She said: "I love that about her. I think that just makes her so much more human and approachable. Like I just went into my closet and grabbed this pair of skinny jeans, little jacket and left. And I think that's great, and that white [Reiss] dress that she wore, she's worn that twice, which I love."