Rachel Zoe is relishing her downtime amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 48-year-old designer is currently enjoying a break from her typically hectic routine, and she's also revealed some of her at-home beauty secrets.

She shared: ''I no longer have to constantly be in hair and make-up for events.

''It's been a great time to focus on my skin and wear the bare minimum when it comes to make-up.''

Rachel revealed how time away from the spotlight has been beneficial for her hair.

She told The Zoe Report: ''It's been nice to just get my hair healthy, allowing it to air dry.

''I use R+Co's Waterfall Moisture Creme from my Spring Box of Style to keep it hydrated.''

Rachel has turned to exercising amid the coronavirus lockdown in order to combat her ''anxious energy''.

She said: ''I've started working out.

''I honestly haven't since I was about 19, but I've started using the treadmill and walking with weights outside ... it's helping me get out the anxious energy.''

The fashion designer has also been trying to maintain a sense of calm at home by lighting her favourite candles.

Rachel explained: ''It's sometimes the littlest things that can bring you back into the present and for me, candles are a huge help.''

Rachel hailed brands like Byredo and Eric Buterbaugh as some of her favourites.

She said: ''Beyond that, I'm just trying to stay grateful for this quality time with my family, and doing our part to protect health care and essential workers on the front lines.''