Rachel Nichols feels "lucky" to have escaped serious injury while filming new movie G.I. Joe - because an onset explosion could have left her with permanent scarring.
The Star Trek actress admits she was left bruised and bloodied after shooting the action adventure with Sienna Miller, but the most terrifying onset moment came when a controlled blast accidentally set her hair on fire.
Nichols reveals she is grateful she was relatively unscathed - because the accident could have been a lot more serious.
She says, "We were doing a big fight sequence and I was doing a stunt where I had to launch myself over a console. Some squibs (miniature explosive devices) that were supposed to go off after I passed the console went off in my face; I landed with my hair on fire and had burned-off eyebrows and eyelashes on my right side. I was very lucky that it was all superficial. My hair grew back and I'm not blind!"