The romantic film, which has just celebrated its ten year anniversary, was a global hit and launched the careers of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. Yet when presented with footage from her audition, McAdams couldn't help but cringe at her younger self acting in a emotional scene. 

Rachel McAdamsMcAdams played heiress Allie Hamilton in The Notebook

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The audition footage shows a young Rachel and a male offscreen reciting lines. McAdams delivers a passionate, emotional performance.

"Why are you cringing?" host Matt Lauer joked. "You got the part!"

Although the film received mixed reviews from critics, it was successful at the box office and the film's two leads developed an offscreen romance that captured the hearts of fans worldwide despite apparently fighting during filming

McAdams appeared on the show to promote her new film, A Most Wanted Man, which also stars the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. She plays Annabel Richter, a passionate young human-rights attorney in the espionage film which has been praised by critics. In an interview with Allure magazine, she spoke of her admiration for her co-star and sadness at his death.

"I learned so much from him. He really takes you under... he really took me under his wing. You feel very taken care of, but at the same time there's an element of danger: There's a crackle in every scene. He makes sure the stakes are very high, and there's a safety there, too. He had so much natural, raw talent, but he worked so hard, too. He really worked for it and didn't let up. I'm sure that wasn't easy."

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