New Zealand supermodel Rachel Hunter has been at the forefront of the beauty industry all her life, but now aged 46, she's determined to find new meanings in the word 'beauty' as part of a new show entitled 'Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty' - and she continues to avoid the lure of plastic surgery unlike so many of her peers.

Rachel HunterRachel Hunter refuses to have plastic surgery

Being a fashion model has meant that Hunter has had the opportunity to travel all over the world, modelling for magazines in the Netherlands, Australia, the US, the UK and Italy, but now she's looking at a less Westernised classification of beauty in countries such as Fiji, Morocco and Greece, and it's doing her the world of good.

'After going on this journey and seeing other cultures, away went that superficial idea of beauty', she told Fox. Even after being programmed to scrutinise her own features, such as her neck and chin, throughout the ageing process, she is still avoiding cosmetic readjustment. 'I was very much considering plastic surgery, and then I had an amazing opportunity to go on this journey which really changed my view on the whole idea of it', she explained. 'That moment of beauty when a woman actually feels beautiful- it's the synchronicity between internal and external that have to have this amazing harmony moment.'

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Now Hunter has come round to the idea that beauty most certainly isn't everything, and being comfortable in your own skin has a better impact on a person's wellbeing. 'The importance of being joyful and happy and connected and self-acceptance is extremely important', she insists.

It's a positive message to spread, especially this time of year when everybody seems to be worrying about what they're seeing in a mirror. Hunter has one thing to say: 'Breathe... there is no one else like you.'

'Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty' is set to hit the Ovation network on January 17th 2016.