Supermodel Rachel Hunter regrets starring in racy Fountains Of Wayne video STACY'S MOM, because she's attracting amorous young friends of her kids.

The New Zealand stunner, who is estranged from ex-husband Rod Stewart, played the object of a young boy's lust in the promo - but had no idea the video would change her life.

She says, "I was in Australia doing a film and 10-year-olds were all coming up going, 'Oh, you're Stacy's Mom.'

"I never thought when I was doing the video that that sort of thing went on, but it has been different picking the kids up from school."

And she admits that, since appearing in the video, her 10-year-old son LIAM has started paying more attention to what his mum wears.

She explains, "I can't go out if I have anything low with my cleavage showing, so I have to go and get a big jacket and go out."

07/04/2004 09:45