Rachel Hunter has blasted ex-husband Rod Stewart's girlfriend PENNY LANCASTER for suggesting she's had a boob job.

The model recently replaced Lancaster, 32, as the face of upmarket lingerie company ULTIMO, and the long-term lover of the veteran singer, who Hunter is still legally married to, responded with a jibe about Hunter's breasts.

However, the blonde Kiwi strongly denies the charge - and refutes suggestions she sought to replace Lancaster as part of a personal vendetta.

Hunter, 34, says, "I'm shocked at the suggestion that I've had plastic surgery. If my breasts look bigger it's only because I was wearing an Ultimo bra. If anything it shows the bra works.

"I'm not doing this for revenge. It's not a personal vendetta. I'm not a bitch.

"I have to make a living. I've always been independent from Rod and earned my own money.

"I won't be drawn into a schoolroom slanging match."

01/03/2004 05:44