Australian-born actress Rachel Griffiths deems herself an "accent chameleon" and insists putting on an American voice for TV hit Six Feet Under is easy.

But the MURIEL'S WEDDING star is baffled by her ability to switch accents, especially when she enters the set of the show and automatically becomes American.

Rachel explains, "I'm quite an accent chameleon. I'm talking in an American accent right now because we're in the Six Feet Under studio where I've been filming all morning, and I find that something happens to me when I drive through the gates of the studio that turns me into an American.

"Give me half an hour with my husband, or put me on a QANTAS flight, and I'm Australian again. It's a bit weird, because it's not something I do consciously. It's a bit embarassing to tell you the truth."

05/08/2003 02:07