Just when you thought R Kelly couldn’t get any weirder, the R&B star has revealed that he’s taking Trapped In the Closet to Broadway.Last night (November 19, 2012), he debuted the latest episode of his off-the-wall ‘hip-hopera’ at New York City’s Landmark Sunshine Cinemas and during a Q&A session, he revealed that he’s taking the show to the stage, Rolling Stone have reported.

Fans of the show will be delighted at the prospect of coming face to face with Kelly’s peculiar brand of entertainment on a live stage and Kelly himself seems to be revelling in the show’s success so far. Revealing the secrets of his success, he simply said “I don't have a job, so I sit in the studio all the time and think of stupid stuff to do. And this is just something stupid I've done that's been successful. I'm having a lot of fun with it.”

Apparently, he’s got another 85 episodes of the show all cued up and ready to go. “It's not hard somehow. When you commit to something and have fun with it, it appreciates you, the gift, and it starts to help you out," he boasted. "It cheats through things for you and it kind of writes itself. I'm having so much fun with this thing. I'm so committed to it, it just happens. It just continues to happen. Every time I put the track on, I hear these new stories and new characters."