More than twenty years after R. Kelly was first accused of sexual misconduct, yet more allegations have surfaced as the #MeToo crackdown on aggressive sexual behaviour within Hollywood and celebrity culture continues. The singer's life and many scandals are explored in a brand new documentary.

R. Kelly at the Soul Train Music AwardsR. Kelly at the Soul Train Music Awards

In a BBC Three documentary entitled 'R Kelly: Sex, Girls and Videotapes', his former girlfriend Kitti Jones claims that she was abused by him and others between 2011 and 2013 in a 'sex dungeon' on more than ten separate occasions. She says that she wasn't the only victim, and believes many were underage including a 14-year-old he was 'training [to be one of his] pets'.

The claims come after last year's troubles, where several parents accused Kelly of heading up an abusive sex cult in which their daughters were being held against their will. One girl in particular denied that she was being kept against her will, but still wouldn't reveal her location.

Kelly has, of course, denied all claims of sordid activity, but not backing those denials is one of his alleged associates Lovell Jones. He says Kelly's interest in underage girls was 'common knowledge' throughout his career and he was even instructed to pick up young looking females at after-parties for Kelly to 'enjoy'.

Everyone remembers the allegations that R. Kelly wed his 15-year-old protégée Aaliyah back in 1994, and while both denied a marital relationship, his former business-manager Rocky Biven says differently in the documentary. 

In fact, a number of other people R. Kelly has worked with including studio engineer James Lee recall many occasions where the star used his fame to get as much sexual attention from women as he wanted. And yet, he was still found not guilty of soliciting sex with a minor and producing child pornography after a video tape emerged that appeared to show him engaged in a sex act with a 13-year-old girl.

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As more and more women continue to come forward with stories about their time with R. Kelly, 'Sex, Girls and Videotapes' aims to lift the lid on the truth of R. Kelly's private life, and just how he's managed to repeatedly shrug off the disgrace that has come with the media headlines.