R Kelly is back with his bizarre soap opera Trapped in The Closet.

It’s been a few years since the R&B star has, erm, ‘treated’ us to any new episodes but Entertainment Weekly have revealed that episode 23 will be aired on IFC on November 23, 2012. This latest batch of shows runs for 10 episodes but Kelly hasn’t put a cap on how many of the shows he’s planning to produce, so don’t place any bets on this being the last we see of Kelly’s oddball show.

A sneak preview of episode 23 is being hosted on Entertainment Weekly right now but how many questions posed by episode 22’s cliff-hangers will actually be answered? Fans of the show will no doubt be wanting to know what the hell happens to Twan and Sylvester, Pimp Lucius’ secrets were causing a stir last time around so we’re all wondering what he’s got up his sleeve, too… and of course – the question on everybody’s lips: what on earth was this ‘package’ that everyone’s on about?

What we know of chapter 23 already is that it begins with a “mysterious phone call” before transferring to Kathy and Rufus. Kathy also gets a mysterious phone call… as do Brigette and Twan. So, there you go: it’s a web of mysterious phone calls. OK, so that doesn’t make it sound particularly exciting but the main thing is, it’s back, right?