Review of trapped in the closet (chapters 1 Single by R Kelly

R Kelly

R kelly - trapped in the closet (chapters 1 - 5) - jive - Review

R kelly - trapped in the closet (chapters 1 - 5) - jive - Review
R kelly

trapped in the closet (chapters 1 5) jive

August 15th / released on import

Total genius is not a word I use lightly, but when describing R Kelly musically I can’t think of anything else to describe him and this amazing near 17 minute mini movie. With more twists than a thriller or an episode of CSI. R Kelly plays all the parts vocally in this song, in the video the actor’s mouth sync his near spoken lyrics. The story of a player and how his life is turned upside down by his actions of having a one-night stand. The spin off storylines from it are amazing, words such as “good morning darling, and then comes a kiss and to my surprise it isn’t you” as he expresses his guilt at what he has done.

Chapter 2 is particularly clever, when it is revealed that his night stand’s husband is also having an affair. The track builds up with the most amazing orchestra strings as the track comes to a close. R Kelly starts to count up to 4 as he threatens to use a gun because he thinks the husband has called someone to come get him, has he gets to four there’s a knock at the door and its revealed the husband has a secret partner, but what you expect to be a woman is actually a man. More twists follow and I am not gonna spoil it for you but watch out for the final twist, it’s a killer. Only the likes of R Kelly could get away with a 17 minute, 5 part single.