Considering she’s the shortest actress in the category, Quvenzhané Wallis represents the longest odds to win Best Actress at The Oscars come this Sunday.

Should the miniature force of nature – as she’s been called – win the award, she won’t have just thrown the betting form out the window, she’ll beat the previous youngest winner, Marlee Matlin, who was 21 when she was honored for 1986's Children of a Lesser God, by around 12-years.

"If I don't win, at least I was nominated. And if I do win, at least I was nominated—so either way it goes, I am still nominated," Quvenzhané said in an interview last Friday, when she was visiting New York. Wise words from one so young. Quvenzhané – and we have it on good authority, is pronounced ‘kwav-en-ja-nay’ – has been mixing it with the biggest of celebs at Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Perhaps the biggest star to be recognised at the even was Oprah Winfrey, as Kellly Rowland explained. "It's Oprah, as soon as she speaks, as soon as she walks into a room, its something that's going to motivate, that's going to uplift you. I think God gives that gift to very few people and he gave it to her." And that’s a sentiment echoed by Bad Boys II actress, Gabrielle Union. "Very rarely do you meet people who are as advertised. She's everything and then some. And she keeps giving more, which is the true sign of power."

Quvenzhane Wallis at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Academy Awards

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