Quentin Tarantino has revealed that he has finished the script for his next major film. Reports have also emerged that Quentin Tarantino has tipped Will Smith for the movie's lead role.

After taking on Zombies and Nazi Germany, Tarantino's agency confirmed that he's finished writing the script for his eighth film 'Django Unchained', a Spaghetti Western. According to Tarantino Archives, the new film will pay homage to Italian director SERGIO CORBUCCI's original 'Django' and Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike's 'Sukiyaki Western Django'. Online reports suggest the film will centre on a freed slave who under the mentoring of a German bounty hunter becomes trained as an equally cut-throat assassin, ready to seek revenge against the owners of a plantation.

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Will Smith is the favourite for the lead role. Sources have suggested that he is meeting with Universal executives currently this weekend. No official offer has been made to Smith. Tarantino aims to shoot the movie in the autumn in the Southern States of the USA, possibly Louisiana, but the exact location has not yet been determined.

Speaking at the Morelia International Film Festival in 2009, Tarantino promised to have released this movie before 'Kill Bill: Vol 3', set for release in 2014.