The latest scapegoats for the deaths of innocent people are the filmmakers that dare to portray violence in their films. Quentin Tarantino - famous for the graphic scenes in his films aswell as the films themselves - thinks it's distrustful to attribute movies to the Newtown shooting.

"Would I watch a kung fu movie three days after the Sandy Hook massacre? Would I watch a kung fu movie? Maybe, 'cause they have nothing to do with each other," Tarantino explained to US radio network, NPR. "I'm really annoyed. I think it's disrespectful. I think it's disrespectful to their memory, the memory of the people who died, to talk about movies ... Obviously, the issue is gun control and mental health." Twenty children and six adults were killed by gunman Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook in a massacre that has reignited the debate over gun control in the U.S; a debate that Tarantino has been unwillingly dragged into following the bloody violence featured in his latest movie, Django Unchained. 

Celebrities came together in a viral video, which featured a simple message: demand a plan (for gun control). While the sentiment is difficult to argue with, the video has been edited to show the celebrities using guns in the various films they appear in, after 'demanding a plan'. Do you think guns in films inspire people to kill? Watch the video below and let us know.