Quentin Tarantino's latest film, the slave-Western Django Unchained, will no doubt shock and awe audiences who go see the film. But Tarantino wanted to make sure the film had another edge to it which would make people scratch their heads all the more, and that is his penchant to make use a whole new catalogue of sound effects in the film.

The sounds of gunshots and whip cracks have hardly changed over the years, but ever the perfectionist that he is, Tarantino wanted to make sure the the sounds deployed in Django are as authentic and real as he could get them. According to the Hollywood Reported, the acclaimed filmmaker set out whole crews of researchers down to the South, where the film is set, to record a whole new set of special effects to be deployed in the film.

According to THR Quentin wanted everything about the film feel "analog and spirited," with supervising sound editor Wylie Stateman elaborating on this by saying: "Analog means he wants it to have a vintage feel, and spirited means he wants a hyper-real perspective in places, like Charley One-Eye, Once Upon a Time in the West or For a Few Dollars More."

You can witness all the nifty sound tinkering that Tarantino deployed when Django Unchained is released on Christmas Day in America, and in mid-January across the rest of the globe.