On Saturday (July 14, 2012) at Comic-Con, Quentin Tarantino revealed a little-known secret about his forthcoming movie Django Unchained. In the Hall H panel session, Tarantino drew a secret connection between one of the characters in Django Unchained and the movie Shaft. He'd been asked whether or not any of the characters in Django Unchained were related to any characters from his other films. Although they weren't, he did suggest that there was a connection to a movie from outside of his own oeuvre.

Kerry Washington's character in the movie is named Brunhilda Von Shaft and Tarantino explained to those gathered in the hall "Her and Django will eventually have a baby, and then that baby will have a baby, and that baby will have a baby, and that baby will have a baby, and that baby will have a baby ... and one of these days, John Shaft will be born." Tarantino then pointed at Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx, saying "John Shaft started with this lady here and this man here! They're the great-great-great-grandparents of 'Shut your mouth!'" At that point, Foxx allegedly burst into song, singing Isaac Hayes' famous theme tune from Shaft, Vulture.com reported. On other issues, however, Tarantino refused to be drawn. He was asked whether or not he intended to make a Kill Bill 3. His response was a rather non-committal "We'll see."

Tarantino's fans were not short of questions for him, either. They wanted to know what had happened to the 'hard-to-cast' role in Django, which Jonah Hill and Sacha Baron Cohen both agreed to and subsequently dropped out of (the answer is that the role was written out of the movie and Jonah instead filmed another role as a pre-Klansman).