Put aside any Quentin Tarantino prejudice you may have, cast your aspersions aside, and put your snobbery in a small draw and lock it up tight, as that's the only way you can enter a discussion of this nature.

Many will cite Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs a the best Tarantino flick ever, and given their cult status, killer lines and timeless scenes, they're not impossible to comprehend in such a context. However, just because something is older - retro if you will - it doesn't necessarily mean it's better. Moving away from straight up gangster movies - with violence running through their veins - QT has broached more pertinent, difficult subjects in his recent work. With Inglorious Bastards, he took the concept of Nazi occupied France, and worked it wonderfully into a violent comedy. With Django Unchained, he seems to have succeeded in taking another major, and regrettable point in history: slavery, and giving it the same treatment. The reviewers certainly think Tarantino is back to his best with Django, and the Christmas Day release holds a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 

"Tarantino blends the Spaghetti western genre with 70s Blaxploitation, creating an insane concoction of vengeance and thoughtfulness, tossing between the disgustingly funny and the most primal notion of violence," say Fox in one of the reviews, while Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian simply says "I can't wait to see this again," in a 5* review.