Quentin Tarantino's latest movie Django Unchained includes 110 uses of the N-word, which the cast had to get to grips with on-set. The film follows the story of a slave-turned-bounty hunter played by Jamie Foxx.

Leonardo Dicaprio, who plays the evil plantation owner Calvin Candie, uses the word the most often, though his co-star Kerry Washington explained the extensive usage to Access Hollywood, saying, "These characters use the N-word because that's what people said back then, and again if you don't understand how ugly the time is, you don't understand how bad--- [Django] is to get through this time." Foxx echoed the remarks, though recalled an initial feeling of unrest at using the word, "We knew we had to go to a bad place and when I talked to black people about the film and they say they were bothered by the N-word, I said, 'It's supposed to, it's supposed to bother you. Those horrific things that happened to us, is supposed to bother you." The movie has received a slew of positive review, including 5 stars from The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw who said, "I can only say Django delivers, wholesale, that particular narcotic and delirious pleasure that Tarantino still knows how to confect in the cinema, something to do with the manipulation of surfaces. It's as unwholesome, deplorable and delicious as a forbidden cigarette."

Django Unchained, which hits cinemas on Christmas Day, is nominated for Best Drama at the Golden Globes.