Love or hate Quentin Tarantino, every time one of his films comes along, it's a special event. Django Unchained tells the story of the titular character, Django, on a search and rescue mission for his enslaved wife. Has film's golden boy tackled one of America's darkest stories with tact, humour and brilliance? Or does this fall by the wayside as another attempt to document a history people don't want to hear. It's our Django Unchained review roundup.

You'll be please to know - because going to the cinema is fun - that Tarantino more than succeeds in bringing this film to life, and has received unanimous critical praise. "Django Unchained is pure, if not great, Tarantino," say TIME Magazine, while Entertainment Weekly write, "Tarantino, with lip-smacking down-and-dirty subversive gusto, rubs our noses in the forbidden spectacle of America's racist ugliness." IGN Movies - a website that manages to steer clear of snobbery and pretention - say, "Quentin Tarantino doesn't shy away from the horrors of slavery in Django Unchained even as he delivers a weird, wild, and bloody violent crowd-pleaser in this raucous salute to the spaghetti western."

There wasn't a bad review in sight for Django Unchained, which has so far garnered 100% on film score aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes. Although we don't expect it to be a commercial success on its release, as it's coming on out Christmas Day, and who goes to the movies on Christmas Day? It's certainly going to be one to look out for in the coming months.