Queen rocker Brian May is urging his fans to take to the streets of London on Saturday (01Jun13) to demonstrate against a planned badger cull in his native Britain.

The animal-loving guitarist has long campaigned against the U.K. government's plans to reduce the country's badger population in a bid to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis to cattle, and he has even set up a petition to oppose the action.

He was left frustrated in February (13) when officials announced they would press ahead with culls in two British counties to protect the areas' dairy farming industry, but he is refusing to back down and took to his blog on Monday (27May13) to call on his fans to take action.

May reveals he plans to attend a peaceful rally in London on Saturday, and he wants his online followers to join him.

The blog post reads, "Just a quick word to say to all you kind folks who signed the petition against the Badger Cull, please Do pack some sandwiches and the kids, and come to the march this coming Saturday.

"It's a very peaceful meeting, suitable for families... We will be there, making a statement on behalf of the 225,000 people who have signed the petition against this awful crime against our wildlife. See ya there. And - by the way, please do write to your Mp (Member of Parliament), right now, and tell him you want him to oppose the badger massacre."