Victoria L. White, the producer who worked on the tearjerker movie ‘Steel Magnolias’, is suing Lifetime over a television remake, claiming she isn’t getting the cash – or credit - that she deserves, reports

White, an executive producer of the 1989 film starring Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton and Shirley Maclaine, filed a suit against Sony Pictures and Lifetime Television over a new television film starring Queen Latifah and Phylicia Rashad. The legal documents show that White claims to have a “television agreement” that entitles her to a co-producer of co-executive producer credit on any television project based on the film, as well as a $15,000 fee and 3.75% of profits. She alleges that Sony is fully aware of her television deal, mainly because the studio has already adhered to the terms once before. White was listed as a co-producer for the 1992 CBS television movie based ‘Steel Magnolias’. Why Sony and Lifetime have chosen to ignore the contract this time around is unclear.

Though the producer is suing for competition, she also wants an injunction to stop the movie from airing altogether, which seems a little dramatic. The film is set to air on October 7 – i.e. in four days – so we’re going to go out on a limb and say it’s still going to air, anyway.