Review of Putumayo Presents Acoustic Brazil Album by Putumayo Records


Putumayo Presents Acoustic Brazil- Album Review

Putumayo Presents Acoustic Brazil - Album Review

Presents Acoustic Brazil

A nice little compilation of Salsa, Samba and Latin Grooves. Featuring artists you may have heard of before such as Gal Costa and Rita Ribeiro and a couple who you almost certainly won’t have side by side on a twelve track release of chilled out songs guaranteed to leave you daydreaming about whether or not you remembered to pack your toothbrush. It’s good to have a CD like this in your collection so that you can tick the box which says next to it play me for a little change, relaxation and some quite sophisticated, laid back sounds without going deep into that bass and

floaty noises box. There are some classic Spanish guitar tracks on this album that leave you in no doubt as to where hundreds of producers go each year for inspiration for their summer songs. You may feel like you are in a little caf waiting to be served your double choca moca frappe with a hob-nob to dip but that’s ok because this album oozes sunshine.

Pete Ainsley