Nicole Scherzinger used to try to hide her ''big booty''.

The 35-year-old singer, who is regularly seen flaunting her stunning figure, didn't embrace her curves when she was younger and always tried to hide her body.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer told LOOK magazine: ''I always thought I had a big booty when I was growing up. I tried to hide my shape and my butt, but now it's nice to see that big booties are back in! It's important for women to celebrate their curves and individuality.''

Nicole credits her lean figure to her ethnic heritage - her father Alfonso Valiente is of Filipino descent, while her mother Rosemary Elikolani is half-Hawaiian and half-Ukrainian - which mean she gains weight on her legs and bum.

Nicole - who was born in Honolulu, Hawaii - explained: ''I probably have my ancestors to thank. I have a longer torso, which is one reason why I show it more, and I have slightly shorter legs, so I try to keep those lean and mean. I tend to carry more weight on my thighs and bum than my waist.''

Nicole admits she is envious of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce's bodies, both of whom are naturally curvy women.

She explained: ''I always loved J.Lo for who she was - having curves and holding her own, and being beautiful and round. And I think Beyonce's body is gorgeous - it's totally natural, it's hers. Halle Berry's got an incredible body too.''