Hip-hop sensation THE GAME started hurling park furniture when a prank on MTV show PUNK'D turned nasty.

The rapper found himself trapped in a studio car park after a meeting with a movie producer when bogus workmen created a cement moat across his only exit.

The Game lost his temper when the practical jokers told him he'd have to leave his sportscar in the lot overnight, advising him to "pitch a tent, get some sleeping bags".

The rapper threatened, "Y'all better build some kinda ramp man... If you don't build a ramp, I'm gonna start building a ramp."

The Los Angeles-based tough guy then hurled a garden bench and a garden chair and broom onto the concrete.

A producer friend then tried to drive his Cadillac through the concrete, only for the vehicle to get stuck.

Punk'd host Ashton Kutcher had to intervene when one of his cohorts started calling The Game and his friends 'morons' for trying to drive through the drying cement.

Kutcher was thrilled to pull a practical joke on The Game because the rapper had once told him he would never be caught out.

The actor recalls, "I was sitting across from him at a (Los Angeles) Lakers game and he's holding up signs saying I was going to have to go to Compton (rough Los Angeles neighbourhood) if I wanted to punk him. That it would never happen."

27/06/2005 09:30