Review of Hot Squash Single by Pulled Apart By Horses

If you've paid any attention to the UK rock scene over the last few years, you'll probably be familiar with Leeds quartet Pulled Apart By Horses, with their unique, noise-influenced, heavy rock that saw them quickly rise up through the underground and take a step into the mainstream. After 2010's wonderfully weird self-titled debut as well as 2012's more accessible 'Tough Love', they are back with new single 'Hot Squash'; a taste of their upcoming third album 'Blood' (out September 1st via their own label Best Of The Best). 

Pulled Apart By Horses Hot Squash Single

'Hot Squash' appears to go further down the more straightforward route that 'Tough Love' took, sounding considerably mellower compared to their older material, with slow groovy riffs that wouldn't sound out of place on the last Queens Of The Stone Age album '.Like Clockwork'. Tom Hudson's vocals seem to have calmed down too, with him hypnotically pulling you in as opposed to screaming himself hoarse, like he would've done on PABH's debut. This less frantic sound works really well for the band and, despite the changes, this still feels like Pulled Apart By Horses thanks to the subtle jinks here and there, such as the space-like sound effect that halts the rest of the song about two minutes in. 

A great song that shows a new side to the band and sees them on the next logical step of their evolution. If the rest of 'Blood' is this good, we're all in for something special.


Max Cussons

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