Review of New Wave Hippies Single by Psychedelic Horseshit

Single Review of 'New Wave Hippies' by Psychedelic Horseshit.

Psychedelic Horseshit New Wave Hippies Single

Matt (Sing,guitars) and Rich (Drums,shoes) from Columbus, Ohio are "The Shit", a duo who have spent much of their formative years apparently listening to the art-rock of early Sonic Youth and coveting the dishevellment of Beck.

It would be easy to dismiss New Wave Hippies as a joke - it opens with a mercifully brief cod-reggae jam (Dub Gaze) and closes with a demo quality krautrock montage (Magick Defends Itself Pt. 3) - whilst in between there are squalls of misdirected feedback and song writing so brittle a twelve year old wouldn't waste it on their MySpace. Of sole interest is the title track, which sounds vaguely like a roughed up Suicide and contains the magic couplet "Occasional psychos, but mainly just nice folks". For fans only. And even they might want to be washing their hair tonight instead.

Andy Peterson

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