Taking into account views, shares, searches, likes and the number of positive comments attained by the most popular viral videos of the year, YouTube have compiled their list of the best videos of 2013. Taking all this into account, the online video giants have determined the video of the year, with the list including funny, shocking and some down right strange clips.

Bard Ylvisaker and Vegard Ylvisaker were the novelty hit of the year as Ylvis

We may have all gotten over it now, but the furore surrounding Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis when they released 'The Fox (What Does It Say)' held out long enough to ensure that they easily walked away with the top ranking video of the year. The novelty hit was shared across the web and has managed to amass more than 275 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube in September.

Wrecking Ball
This hilarious 'Wrecking Ball' spoof also made the list

The success of Ylvis was followed by another set of well-performing Norwegians, with the Norwegian army squadron's version of the 'Harlem Shake' being named the number two trending video of the year, drawing 95 million views. 'How Animals Eat Their Food' was at No. 3, with the Chatroulette version of Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball' video and the 'baby&me' Evian commercial rounding off the top five. The full top ten (with links) is listed below.

1. Ylvis - 'The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)'

2. Harlem Shake (original army edition)

3. How Animals Eat Their Food

4. Miley Cyrus - 'Wrecking Ball' (Chatroulette Version)

5. 'baby&me,' the new evian film

6. Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

7. The Lonely Island - 'YOLO' (feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar)

8. Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

9. The NFL : Bad Lip Reading

10. Mozart vs Skrillex. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2

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