Psy, the South Korean best known for his 2012 hit single ‘Gangnam Style’, was involved in a car accident on Thursday (16th July). Psy was driving in his Rolls-Royce when it collided with a bus in city in eastern China. The accident has made headlines, both in China and worldwide, owing to the stylish way Psy left the incident. He may have arrived in a Rolls-Royce but he made his exit from the scene in a Porsche. 

PsyPsy was involved in a car accident in China last week.

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Psy, A.K.A. Park Jae-sang, was driving in Hangzhou, a town near Shanghai, when his car hit a bus. It is not certain if Psy was driving the car or if he was merely a passenger. 

According to reports in The Inquisitr, Psy was travelling from the nearby airport to his hotel when the accident happened at around 3pm. 37-year-old Psy was in the town for a new bar’s opening party. 

From photographs, taken shortly after the crash, it appears Psy’s car hit the back corner of the bus. The Rolls-Royce’s bumper was knocked off in the accident.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the crash but both vehicles need repair. Repairs on the bus are estimated to cost around $300 but a considerably larger sum is needed to repair the Rolls-Royce, as one would expect for a car which costs in excess of $300,000. Repairs to Psy’s car are estimated to be around $112,000, this is largely needed to repair the bumper. 

Compensation and damages have reportedly been settled privately, as Fox reports. 

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