A man who looks slightly similar to Psy decided to don his fanciest tuxedo and most outlandish sunglasses to see if he could blag his way into the Cannes Film Festival this week. As ridiculous as that sounds, the man's plan worked like a charm, with the impostor Psy managing to blag his way into some of the glitziest events in the South of France and even managed to walk away with all manner of free gifts from companies looking to get their name out.

Although it sounds as though the story was taken straight from The Onion, the only reason the fake Psy was found out about was because the real South Korea K-Pop star caught wind of the impostor and alerted the press via his Twitter account. The real Psy, who is currently in Singapore, took to his Twitter page on Wednesday (May 22) to call out the fake Psy, writing; "seems like there's another ME at cannes...say Hi to him @scooterbraun lol #PSYinSINGAPORE."

What is particularly funny about this story, bar the fact that a man talked his way into Cannes, is that the impostor genuinely looks nothing like Psy. Still, that didn't stop the wannabe 'Gangnam Style' singer from mixing with the stars and posing for photos with fans, with just about everybody getting duped by the fake Psy. Even Skyfall actress Naomie Harris Tweeted a picture of herself with 'non-Psy' at a party on Tuesday (May 21), with many others falling for the act and posting pictures of the impostor online too. We're not sure if people were just being polite or stupid, but how a man whose only resemblance to Psy is his girth and ethnicity managed to fool so many people is beyond us.

Organisers for the festival have yet to comment on the fiasco, and frankly who can blame them. If anyone reading this bares any resemblance to a celebrity then we insist that you travel to the French Riviera and see how far you get. Lets make a game of it.

Fake Psy . Could you tell the difference?