If you thought Psy was a one-trick pony, you were totally wrong. His newest single 'Daddy' is definitely one to rival 'Gangnam Style', and you can get it and more with his brand new album 'Chiljib PSY-Da', out today (December 1st 2015).

PsyPsy is back with another goofy video

He's always been a hit in South Korea, but it wasn't until 2012 that his single 'Gangnam Style' (and its accompanying video and dance) became an international hit propelling him and his comedic brand of pop to instant stardom. The just as catchy 'Gentleman' followed in 2013 and now Psy has returned with another stand-out number entitled 'Daddy' featuring CL of 2NE1, with whom Psy shares manager Scooter Braun.

Like 'Gangnam Style', there's that bizarre video subject matter (people are already posting their first reactions to it on YouTube) and another crazy set of moves to learn. Most of all though, we just can't. Stop. Singing. It.

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It's infectious to the point of, post-Christmas, people are going to be asking where you got that coat from. And you won't be able to say 'I got it from my daddy' without busting out some moves and singing this earworm of a tune. That's a promise.

The new album, 'Chiljib PSY-Da', translates to 'Psy 7th Album' and features a host of special guests such as Ed Sheeran, will.i.am, Zion.T and Gaeko. Sheeran's part on the album is lending his hit single 'Sing' to a Psy mix, while will.i.am features on 'ROCKnROLLbaby'. 

Psy has also launched another funky single from it called 'Napal Baji' ('Bell Bottoms'), an ode to his style which features a lot of 70s disco elements and a bit of rap. It's not quite as catchy as 'Daddy', but it still promises more awesome numbers from this K-pop superstar.

'Chiljib PSY-Da' was released today (December 1st 2015) through YG Entertainment.