Psy's ‘Gangnam Style’ is so hot right now that the rapper has pledged to perform half naked if the song tops the Billboard chart. The song has become a global phenomenon since the video started gaining attention on YouTube back in July and the South Korean rapper has promised to do something a little crazy if his infectious track hits the top spot in the United States. “If I do become number one on Billboard, I'd dare to dance half-naked in front of a large crowd of people, Psy told a bustling press conference when he returned from a promotional tour of the US.

According to Associated Press, the 34 year-old singer went on to say that he’d choose a prominent location for the stunt: “I would pick a place, preferably in front of Seoul City Hall,” though he insists he wants to be remembered for more than just the horse dance. “I'd like to be more than a wacky Korean guy doing the horse-riding dance, and be branded as a Korean singer who can have, and give, non-stop fun for hours.” He’s already provided plenty of people with entertainment with his ‘Gangnam Style’ video (which has been viewed over 270 million times on YouTube) and the song has subsequently found its way onto mainstream radio, across the globe.

“This is my heyday, in 12 years since I debuted as a singer... This is just unbelievable, and I'm thankful for everything,” he told the gathered press. ‘Gangnam Style’ is currently at number 11 on the Billboard chart, so he has a little way to go before he needs to start unbuttoning his shirt.