It's topped the charts in South Korea, Malaysia, Finland and Latvia, the Youtube video has hit 227 million views worldwide and its performer Psy could become the first South Korean artist to top the singles charts in the UK, but Gangnam Style is influencing rather more sinister elements of the world. Reports have surfaced from local Thailand press that the dancing style in it was employed by two rival gangs in a West Side Story style dance-off before the argument escalated and gun shots were fired.

INN picked up on the story, and reports that no one was injured in the face-off, although several passing vehicles took some damage from the gun shots. Apparently the incident took place at the upmarket Ekkamai neighbourhood in Bangkok - ironic given that Gangnam Style supposedly attacks a particular place of wealth and high social class in South Korea - and saw the younger members of two rival gangs dance provocatively at each other before things got more heated. Apparently the two gangs have had a history of violence before and arrest warrants have been issued.

Many have been discussing the state of Thailand's current gang culture recently, with much of it playing out in secondary schools and colleges. What this incident also does though is show the almost frightening influence of Gangnam Style.