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The Warriors

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Here we go again; a game based on a film usually lacks any of the good parts of the film and next to no game play. In 1979 a film directed by Walter Hill attained cult status. "The Warriors" tracked the fortunes/misfortunes of a Coney Island gang wrongly accused of a crime against all the other New York gangs, this becomes a 9 vs 60,000 epic.

The game itself is a feast of rioting, rumbling, looting, mugging and just about everything else a late 70's New York gang got up to. You start by practicing your moves on a group of tramps in exchange for some flash (the drug of choice in the 1979 New York ghettos). It's not long before your mixing it with other members of the gang in order to earn your colours.

Next on the agenda is how to earn some money as lets face it aerosol paint and flash don't grow on trees. So firstly you learn to mug, you do this by applying pressure to a bystanders pressure points whilst holding them in a neck lock. Car stereos are the next victim and you soon master the art of smashing car windows and unscrewing the 4 screws holding the unit in place by use of the analogue controller. The only thing left is master the art of looting running into stores smashing cabinets and grabbing the contents.

The game then goes on to pretty much follow the line of the film with you playing various members of the Warriors Gang - Swan, Ajax, Cleon, Vermin, Cochese, Cowboy, Snow, Fox, and firstly Rembrandt tagging over a rival gangs "street art" and even the back of their gang h.q. During the course of the game you come across the many gangs made popular by the film such as my favourite the Hi Hats a hardcore bunch of hell raising mime artists or the baseball furies New York Yankees clad gang wielding large head cracking baseball bats. Many more gangs come and go including a gang made up of women called the "Lizzies" ignore what your dad said about hitting girls at this part of the game!

The Warriors is probably the best beat'em up I have played in many years as there is plenty to keep you engaged over the 20+ levels of mayhem.

As films go "The Warriors" Film was not the slickest of productions that's more than made up for with content.

The PSP game is extremely slick and engaging and captures all of the great bits of the original movie, so well deserves its...

8 out of 10